Thursday, December 31, 2009


i can't upload images. =(
what is wrong with BLOGGER ?!
i want to share some photos with you here.
problems seem to be anywhere, at anytime.
is this the New Year Gift You send me.?

2.13am 01-01-2010


still have about 2 hours for 2009
it's time to say bye to 2009
2010 is coming very soon.
i am now sitting here and updating my blog instead of count downing in Sungei Wang
sigh* poor me.
my parents especially my dad don't like such place
crowded of people, traffic jams.
how i wish i am above age
how i wish i am 21-year-old
how i wish i have driving license
how i wish i can countdown and have fun with my friends
anyway, happy new year, kohana.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i have nothing to do.
i am now chatting with Dead By Sunrise on MSN
the fellow asks me to write about Cold Blooded people
F hIm. =P
hmm. school gonna reopen on next Monday.
i am still wondering, should i take Account (Prinsip Akaun)
i have bought the revision book. it's all about the things i had learned.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It has been few days since my last update
to tell the truth, i have no idea on what to post over here
i have been hunting for ideas by reading my friends' blog
after going through puteri's blog, i thought of posting about our Mother Nature- the Earth
which is currently sick due to human's irresponsible behavior
glaciers are breaking and melting on North and South pole
eruption of volcano occurs frequently
SO, what's our action?
i know you know. haha

well, my holidays life is so dull
nothing special or striking happens
days pass and right after a blink of eyes, two months are gone
i have spent all my free time wisely
i read books, countless books
all are types of novel
books are my great partner
it doesn't matter how much you read
but the way you read should be emphasized
after all, reading is my best way to spend the precious time
reading, however, is always far more better than slouching around
i am calm, relaxed and nonchalant on the entire holidays
i didn't have any vacations but i still feel that time passes swiftly
time has wings as it flies
school will be reopened in less than one week
i will be succumbed in the busy school life, soon and again
tuition, school, homework, revision, study
*sigh wistfully =(

Thursday, December 24, 2009


results came out
i got straight As
well i want to show my gratitude to my papa n mama =)
they are the best, awesome!
secondly, the MIP (most important person)
Pn Lamizah - without her i couldn't get 38 out of 40 for my karangan
Tchr. Vasanthi - without her my essay would be sucks
Tchr Lin, Pn. Maimon, Pn. Siva, Pn. Zainon
Mr.Ong- without him i couldn't expect an A for Chinise
and many more teachers who had given motivation and encouragement
thank you!
Tuition Sir
Sir V Das- he sms-ed me while getting results
Sir Peeter Pal, Sir JC, Sir Ganesan, Sir Selva, Sir Sri Kumar

and lastly MY pretty awesome friends.
thank you!

p/s: all of psycho starz got straight As, except for harshna, 6As =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

yo, chinese =)

1. 被点到必填,不填代表你不尊重传给你的人和问卷。

2. 请老实回答每一个问题。
3. 不得擅自涂改题目。
4. 写完后请点6位,不可不点。
5. 点完后请通知那6位他被点到了。



星座: libra

5)兴趣:online, reading, sleeping







2)他是你的?: best friend <3
3)他的个性 ? :straight forward =)
4)认识他多久?:three years!!

5)你觉得他怎样?:very comfortable

6)你想对他说什么:i miss you. =(


2)最爱的音乐:here without you by three doors down

4)最爱的卡通:crayon shin chan
5)最爱的人:papa mama
6)最爱的颜色:purple blue


1)如果上天给你三个愿望:1. parents live a healthy life 2,have a bright future 3,get a good life partner




sob sob

i spend sleepless nights for few days
is it because of the results or am i thinking too much?
memories flash back to the past, present, and future
i can't sleep
i took a book which i borrowed from marcus and read
i started yawning and felt sleepy after awhile
i turned off lights and went to bed
but i kept on thinking this and that on my bed
once my eyes were closed, many scenes and events popped out in mind
i am tired but couldn't sleep
save me, somebody?
my mind, soul and spirit have all turned upside down
i don't know what is wrong with me?
i gonna be mentally ill, mad, crazy, insane
or i will really become a 'psycho'

i am disconsolate with You, a best friend i have known since last year
You have changed a lot
boyfriend is your everything, friends are nothing
when you have problems then friends are something
i have no idea what are you thinking
love alone is not enough
it needs understanding and loyalty as supplements
its expired date may be longer and even last forever
You tell lies, You act,You pretend
but i keep it all inside my heart
i don't want to spoil or relationship
i don't want to have more scars between us
maybe for you, i am nothing but a tool to be used.
YOU get me pissed off.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


hmm i have had my haircut
i told the guy 'layer, keep my hair length'
but then he cut it short. 3 inches gone
mama said ' hair will grow '
yup no doubt that hair grows
but it takes time !
how many months or years do i need to keep long hair
i swear i will never cut my hair until the day i finish SPM
except for my fringe, of course

as promised, papa brought us for movie yesterday
before movie, i had my favorite - sushi
the movie lasted almost 3 hours
but it was really fantastic
animation was so cool
movie ended at about 8:30 pm
then we had dinner at 9:30
got back home at 10 pm
it was tiring.
but i managed to harvest in farmville =P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


fist of fury wagged to those who provoke me
i can be very mean and rude when i hate you
you get me annoyed

who the hell are you
why are you pretending like you are my close friend

and you, another bastard
how many times do you want me to repeat the same thing
i have declined your nonsensical request for thousands
but you keep asking
are you brainless

don't get on my nerves
don't you understand what's NO

eruption of anger occurs due to arrogant people
alright i have finished complaining
well, papa gonna bring us for movie again
AVATAR will be my best option
it's an inter-species movie

it is a product of Titanic director- James Cameron
the trailer sounds amazing and gripping
can't wait to watch it =D

OBTW shinichi really drives me insane =P

read this, LMY

hey girl
yes i had fully recovered from illness about two weeks ago
you seldom online =(
and of course, i miss you badly

p/s: best friends until the end of everything
OBTW tell me when shall we meet.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


nowadays weather changes frequently
my mood does, too
i am very furious right now
exactly like an explosive volcano
it's gonna explode at anytime
and burst into pieces of shitsssss !
somehow i am sitting here, nonchalantly
to have my blog update

well besides feeling furious
i am disconsolate, seriously out of mood
it's like a sulking period
feel like screaming out loud
scream my lungs out
bitchassss, fuck off

p/s: I'm sorry for using obscene language
Oh, by the way, Shinichi is already mine !

Saturday, December 12, 2009

scenes and scenes

it's now 2.37am
i am here in front of the screen
just to have a new post =)

i persuaded mama to go jogging with me
so that i would have a company
since papa has gone for outstation
after two rounds, i was already gasping for oxygen
eXhausted >.<
my shirt was drenched in sweat and plus, it drizzled !
it was just raining lightly but i frowned and blamed the unpredictable weather =P
i was mumbling, saying 'why the hell is it raining'
'luckily we are on the way back home'
'oh gosh, my shirt gonna be wet'
blah blah blah
once i got back home i took shower and mama cooked for me maggie noodle =D
after my stomach had been 'treated' well
mama suggested that we went Kepong Jusco for a movie
i nodded.
but after awhile mama and I started to argue
i shouted and yelled at her
(i know i should not, hurtful words spoken from my mouth obliviously)
i tried to control my emotion and temper
so i just kept my fcking mouth SHUT
then my house turned to be peaceful
everything became normal as usual
we went for movie
a money-wasting and time-wasting movie
Storm Warriors
don't ever watch it.
it's tedious
there were some amusing parts
but overall it's boring
i was praying that it would end fast as i fell asleep mannn
it was already 11.40 when the movie ended.

hmmm it was freaking weird today
really weird
most of the people were looking at me
it made me feel like.. uncomfortable
did i look abnormal ?
or my dress up had problems?
it's not because i was too sensitive
my mom whispered to me about the same thinking
whatever as long as i had never done any criminals

p/s: shinichi and conan are so trim, cool and hanndsome
i love them =P

Friday, December 11, 2009

old phone

hmmm i am now awake just to update my blOg
but before this i have read blogs of my friends- miera & ain
i saw their updates.

i cleaned and tidied up my study table yesterday
i have thrown away many unused stuffs
it's just a part of room cleaning
i have to keep or just pass all my revision books to my brother
there are tonnes of them !
too many. form one form two and form three

well, i dug out my old phone- sony ericson Z530i

it is spoiled and can't be used anymore
but i miss it so much
i used it when i was Form One
here i upload the photo.

i am not showing off or whatever bad you think about me
i want to make my blog alive and more interesting with pictures
that's it. nothing much.

p/s: two is really better than one ?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

simply =P

yo. it's me.

don't know what for what.
i encounter some problems while uploading images
it says that the hardware(usb cable) might not work properly
but finally i manage to solve it
big applause for me. =D

emo as i do

don't judge a book by its cover
don't determine one's emotion by expression

summer, autumn, spring, winter
joyful, sorrowful, anger, fear

she needs her own space, to breath, to think
she needs to be alone, to cry, to shout
she is not fear anymore as she used to be sobbing in darkness
darkness is cruel, brutally cruel
darkness demolishes buildings of hopes
darkness causes disappointment
darkness evokes feeling of outrage
the little girl trembles
her shivering body carries burdens of pain
which no one could relieve
she needs a flicker of light as a little hope to continue her survival
just a little light, a little hope
otherwise she will be at the mercy of darkness forever
future is in ruin and decay
but she has guts to flinch from pain and sufferings
she is too young to endure rush to the surface.

it ends with no ending.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

again, update

yup i am now updating my blog =D
i have added few songs to my music playlist
actually, almost 90% of the songs are recommended by
MR Marcus Yap. haha
this fellow is one of my best friends
once i think about him, i can't stop laughing
he is amusing and even hilarious
he is very great in making jokes
i guess he has talent to become a clown or a joker
i am sure he will be the best entertainer
i hope he won't be mad at me after reading this =P

yesterday i spent my whole day reading Detective Conan comics
Conan Edogawa is Shinichi Kudo
Shinichi is a high school student but he has been forced by two men who are gangster leaders
to take a pill.
he has then become a shorty- Conan
his height decreases gradually
anyhow he is damn cool when revealing truth of each murder case at the end
and i almost forgot to harvest my fully grown grapes in Farmville =.=

my papa has gone for outstation
no one will accompany me to go jogging
my friends are busy.
how sad. =(
anyway i have a very good news for myself
heyyyyy i lose 1kg !
i have put on so much effort
i skip dinner and breakfast
i eat only LUNCH
before eating meals, i will take some fruits
so that calories intake will be reduced

'santa claus is coming to town'

Thursday, December 3, 2009


calendar reminds me it is now December
time is passing as quick as lightning =P
*like writing essay huh. haha.

i am going form 4 next year
i am going to learn my favourite science subjects
biology chemistry physics
and the most challenging - add maths
i am a maths enthusiast
really love maths =D
but before going form 4
we have to get pmr results
that's what determine which stream you will be taking
when the RESULTS matter is brought up
i feel pressure, stressed
i am afraid that i cannot get what i want
cannot achieve my goal
cannot get what people have expected from me
parents, teachers
what if i get only 7 As ?
what will people think about me?
my heart is not able to beat like normal
awwww =(

well let's not talk about results
i am now addicted to Farmville in Facebook
it has so much fun
especially when my friends are playing, too

am i missing you? yes? no?
i hope 'no' but unfortunately it is a 'yes'
obliviously. i am lying to myself but i hate liars
i hate myself. such a miserable life i have.
already gone. we were meant to say goodbye
somehow i have to go on in life
i have to lift down when i had lost.