Friday, December 11, 2009

old phone

hmmm i am now awake just to update my blOg
but before this i have read blogs of my friends- miera & ain
i saw their updates.

i cleaned and tidied up my study table yesterday
i have thrown away many unused stuffs
it's just a part of room cleaning
i have to keep or just pass all my revision books to my brother
there are tonnes of them !
too many. form one form two and form three

well, i dug out my old phone- sony ericson Z530i

it is spoiled and can't be used anymore
but i miss it so much
i used it when i was Form One
here i upload the photo.

i am not showing off or whatever bad you think about me
i want to make my blog alive and more interesting with pictures
that's it. nothing much.

p/s: two is really better than one ?