Saturday, December 12, 2009

scenes and scenes

it's now 2.37am
i am here in front of the screen
just to have a new post =)

i persuaded mama to go jogging with me
so that i would have a company
since papa has gone for outstation
after two rounds, i was already gasping for oxygen
eXhausted >.<
my shirt was drenched in sweat and plus, it drizzled !
it was just raining lightly but i frowned and blamed the unpredictable weather =P
i was mumbling, saying 'why the hell is it raining'
'luckily we are on the way back home'
'oh gosh, my shirt gonna be wet'
blah blah blah
once i got back home i took shower and mama cooked for me maggie noodle =D
after my stomach had been 'treated' well
mama suggested that we went Kepong Jusco for a movie
i nodded.
but after awhile mama and I started to argue
i shouted and yelled at her
(i know i should not, hurtful words spoken from my mouth obliviously)
i tried to control my emotion and temper
so i just kept my fcking mouth SHUT
then my house turned to be peaceful
everything became normal as usual
we went for movie
a money-wasting and time-wasting movie
Storm Warriors
don't ever watch it.
it's tedious
there were some amusing parts
but overall it's boring
i was praying that it would end fast as i fell asleep mannn
it was already 11.40 when the movie ended.

hmmm it was freaking weird today
really weird
most of the people were looking at me
it made me feel like.. uncomfortable
did i look abnormal ?
or my dress up had problems?
it's not because i was too sensitive
my mom whispered to me about the same thinking
whatever as long as i had never done any criminals

p/s: shinichi and conan are so trim, cool and hanndsome
i love them =P


镁艺 said...

hey gurl, wat happen 2 ur header

RB0y_wai said...

biasa la....
Ah Moi cantik sure many people look @ u De...