Thursday, December 3, 2009


calendar reminds me it is now December
time is passing as quick as lightning =P
*like writing essay huh. haha.

i am going form 4 next year
i am going to learn my favourite science subjects
biology chemistry physics
and the most challenging - add maths
i am a maths enthusiast
really love maths =D
but before going form 4
we have to get pmr results
that's what determine which stream you will be taking
when the RESULTS matter is brought up
i feel pressure, stressed
i am afraid that i cannot get what i want
cannot achieve my goal
cannot get what people have expected from me
parents, teachers
what if i get only 7 As ?
what will people think about me?
my heart is not able to beat like normal
awwww =(

well let's not talk about results
i am now addicted to Farmville in Facebook
it has so much fun
especially when my friends are playing, too

am i missing you? yes? no?
i hope 'no' but unfortunately it is a 'yes'
obliviously. i am lying to myself but i hate liars
i hate myself. such a miserable life i have.
already gone. we were meant to say goodbye
somehow i have to go on in life
i have to lift down when i had lost.


_QiAnz_ said...

i'm under a tremendous stress whenever i think about the pmr result =.= anyway, all the best =))