Monday, November 30, 2009

couple, trouble?

i have visited lieya's blog
lieya is a very good friend of mine
she is a love-struck girl, very loyal and sweet girl
relationship problems stuck in her mind
i know she can go through it no matter how tough is it
she is strong, and even courageous

while sharing problems with her yesterday
i did some flash back into my previous relationships with ex-s
i used to live in fear but not always
sometimes tears was my company for few nights
i found it very difficult to go on each day of my life
i had even thought of giving up everything and begin a new journey
but i had failed for times and times
it has now become my experiences
priceless and precious
i have learned that if it's not belong to you then you have to put it down
you will suffer and succumb in countless nightmares if you possess it forcefully
once you feel the slight tremors then think of a better way or GIVE UP
don't ever cry when the massive earthquake happens

people say 'couple, trouble. single, simple'
i don't really agree with this
the happiness you get from your love one is totally different from family, friends and colleagues
it's extraordinary, unique
every second you are with your dear one is fabulous
it's the moment of treasure.

everything depends on you and it's in your hands.