Friday, November 27, 2009

pavilion + movie + happy family

i had a great day with my dearest family on 27 Nov
we went for window shopping in Pavilion
and also for a movie- 2012
fantastic movie
i like the main actor- Jackson
anyway i am having flu and cough
it was not so pleasant for me
i hope i didn't spread the viruses
i was not wearing a mask
forgive me people =.=
i am not going to say much
as the photos speak up million of words

i my

my papa n mama <3
barbies in varies costumes

all of sudden
imy, very much
i shouldn't and i know i have no right to do so
the feeling of missing holds my breath
you know, it sucks
i really have to say goodbye to you, to the past
i will be alright soon, hopefully.
wish me luck, dudes :P