Wednesday, November 25, 2009

break the record

i break the record
not the Guinness world record
i, kohana, wake up extremely early at 8.04am today.
yes. 8.04am.
it is the earliest so far
for your info, i used to be awoken from my dreamland
at about 2-3pm.
oh my gosh, i have tried not to be like this
i want to sleep as early as possible
but i couldn't!
my eyelids will only get heavy by 3am
and that's the moment i meet Mr. Dream
he always blame for not entering dreams at the right time
i am always late
he says i am not punctual as the others do
what to do
my life schedule has changed totally, 360 degrees
three meals become two meals
which are break-lunch and dinner
it's not bad, too, for diet
anyway it's intense weird today
very ridiculous, illogically
very absurd!
i slept at 3am but wake up at 8am.?
i am now feeling fresh
and even energetic
anyhow i am now great
not a gigantic problem for me.