Sunday, December 6, 2009

again, update

yup i am now updating my blog =D
i have added few songs to my music playlist
actually, almost 90% of the songs are recommended by
MR Marcus Yap. haha
this fellow is one of my best friends
once i think about him, i can't stop laughing
he is amusing and even hilarious
he is very great in making jokes
i guess he has talent to become a clown or a joker
i am sure he will be the best entertainer
i hope he won't be mad at me after reading this =P

yesterday i spent my whole day reading Detective Conan comics
Conan Edogawa is Shinichi Kudo
Shinichi is a high school student but he has been forced by two men who are gangster leaders
to take a pill.
he has then become a shorty- Conan
his height decreases gradually
anyhow he is damn cool when revealing truth of each murder case at the end
and i almost forgot to harvest my fully grown grapes in Farmville =.=

my papa has gone for outstation
no one will accompany me to go jogging
my friends are busy.
how sad. =(
anyway i have a very good news for myself
heyyyyy i lose 1kg !
i have put on so much effort
i skip dinner and breakfast
i eat only LUNCH
before eating meals, i will take some fruits
so that calories intake will be reduced

'santa claus is coming to town'