Tuesday, December 8, 2009

emo as i do

don't judge a book by its cover
don't determine one's emotion by expression

summer, autumn, spring, winter
joyful, sorrowful, anger, fear

she needs her own space, to breath, to think
she needs to be alone, to cry, to shout
she is not fear anymore as she used to be sobbing in darkness
darkness is cruel, brutally cruel
darkness demolishes buildings of hopes
darkness causes disappointment
darkness evokes feeling of outrage
the little girl trembles
her shivering body carries burdens of pain
which no one could relieve
she needs a flicker of light as a little hope to continue her survival
just a little light, a little hope
otherwise she will be at the mercy of darkness forever
future is in ruin and decay
but she has guts to flinch from pain and sufferings
she is too young to endure rush to the surface.

it ends with no ending.