Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It has been few days since my last update
to tell the truth, i have no idea on what to post over here
i have been hunting for ideas by reading my friends' blog
after going through puteri's blog, i thought of posting about our Mother Nature- the Earth
which is currently sick due to human's irresponsible behavior
glaciers are breaking and melting on North and South pole
eruption of volcano occurs frequently
SO, what's our action?
i know you know. haha

well, my holidays life is so dull
nothing special or striking happens
days pass and right after a blink of eyes, two months are gone
i have spent all my free time wisely
i read books, countless books
all are types of novel
books are my great partner
it doesn't matter how much you read
but the way you read should be emphasized
after all, reading is my best way to spend the precious time
reading, however, is always far more better than slouching around
i am calm, relaxed and nonchalant on the entire holidays
i didn't have any vacations but i still feel that time passes swiftly
time has wings as it flies
school will be reopened in less than one week
i will be succumbed in the busy school life, soon and again
tuition, school, homework, revision, study
*sigh wistfully =(