Monday, December 21, 2009

sob sob

i spend sleepless nights for few days
is it because of the results or am i thinking too much?
memories flash back to the past, present, and future
i can't sleep
i took a book which i borrowed from marcus and read
i started yawning and felt sleepy after awhile
i turned off lights and went to bed
but i kept on thinking this and that on my bed
once my eyes were closed, many scenes and events popped out in mind
i am tired but couldn't sleep
save me, somebody?
my mind, soul and spirit have all turned upside down
i don't know what is wrong with me?
i gonna be mentally ill, mad, crazy, insane
or i will really become a 'psycho'

i am disconsolate with You, a best friend i have known since last year
You have changed a lot
boyfriend is your everything, friends are nothing
when you have problems then friends are something
i have no idea what are you thinking
love alone is not enough
it needs understanding and loyalty as supplements
its expired date may be longer and even last forever
You tell lies, You act,You pretend
but i keep it all inside my heart
i don't want to spoil or relationship
i don't want to have more scars between us
maybe for you, i am nothing but a tool to be used.
YOU get me pissed off.


镁艺 said...

nt me rite