Monday, November 9, 2009


i am composing two posts today
for the sake of birthday girl
Hashvinderjit Kaur
well, once i had reached school
first thing i did was to wish her
happy birthday
she was with her hubby
they were just so sweet
like chocolate, haha
we celebrated her birthday
her hubby bought her black forest cake
and gave her 'surprise' and 'present'
invisible 'present' , haha
but i couldn't bring phone or camera to school
so these sweet memories cannot be recorded
how sad
anyway we enjoyed!
we did mural
actually only tinna, mages and i did
others were chit-chatting about
sex, future, marriage, dance, dramas, giving birth,
this and that.
girls are really girls
like to gossip
but i was concentrating on my work
i was keeping quiet and listening to their nonsense gossips
again, time flied.
it was going back time
we cleaned the room
and went back.

p/s: mages was moody. must ask her why.