Wednesday, November 11, 2009


thanks to those who are following my blog.
thank you so much.
really appreciate it.

you know what
most of the things that happen around us
are just so unpredictable.
cannot be judged at all
some are even incredible
in the previous seconds
the sun is hanging up the sky
shining brightly
like showing its amiable smile
giving charm to the busy people
then in the next moment
the remarkable shine has gone
gone far away
lightning flash fitfully and thunder comes to ears
it starts to rain.
people blaming the weather and finding shelter.
it does happen.
and it is unpredictable.

well, i fight with friends today
fight through messaging
seriously i am angry
flames burning
anger spread across my face
i just want to protect my bestie
but you think that i am wearing mask
showing two kind of different faces to you guys
what do you mean by telling me 'talam dua muka'
you are my close friend
so i try to control myself not to call you
whore, prostitute, scum
and other bad words
i cannot do it.
i cannot insult you
i cannot see you leaving us
but i am not brave enough to tell you,
"please don't quit psycho starz and leave me"

i know all these started because of small matter.
it's now a big trouble.
never think of fighting among us.
you are actually not supposed to be involved.
you are the victim
you are innocent
sorry for everything.


_QiAnz_ said...

erm,well, i ever quarreled with my friends before, but it always end up with comes all of sudden, so..just be strong enough,everything will be back to normal like b4..=))