Monday, November 9, 2009


yesterday night i went online and chatted with friends
then i signed out for no good reasons
i started reading novel
a Chinese novel- The Wind of Destiny
yea. love story.
that's what girls read at their teen age
i stopped reading at 3 am
but messaging a friend, a guy
we were chatting till about 4 am
i felt sleepy
eye lids getting heavier
lacking of oxygen
heart beating faster than usual
i knew it's the time for me to go for sweet dreams
or beautiful nightmare
i turned off my phone
and slept.
i was kinda weird
i knew that i needed sleep
but i was thinking so much of things.
once again the silly me was being hurt by the unforgettable past memories
it hurt so much
at last i ended up sleeping at 4.30 am
then i was awoken by my phone alarm
i was like...
i had just slept for a few minutes, for a while
time really flied!
on the light and glanced at the wall clock
6.45 am
'die, i am late, seriously late'
rushed to the bathroom
and the routine began
washing hair, drying hair, moisturizing hair, combing hair
and lastly tying hair
i hate the last procedure
and that's one of the reasons why i hate going school
finally i had 'successfully' left my house and heading to school
on the way.
i realized that my comb and money were not in my pockets.