Friday, January 15, 2010

gonna be crrrraazayy

school started fortnight ago
first day? erm we had to sit on floor since our class had no tables and chairs
but then we got it at last
but the following day, two classes combined and we study in bio lab
i hate it. no one likes it, i suppose.
the class has more than 50 students
form 4.? 4sc1.? no honeymoon year.?
yes that are all facts for science students.

by the way. i have seen him, finally
i.. i don't know. i am confused
his response towards me make my confused
i am now in dilemma
God is playing fools with me, i seriously never want to be in such situation

well about prefects stuff
teacher appoints me to be h.p assistant
i had never dreamed of it
i have to be more responsible

i have tuition later on
bm and add maths
ah ya. ADD MATHS
i love it as it's challenging