Sunday, October 25, 2009

psycho starz

it's getting late now
i guess i am gonna sleep after 12
most probably
yea because i wont be going school tomorrow
sorry psychos

i know u guys miss me so much ( chehh ...)
i miss u all too
but i dont really feel like going school

it's so damn boring
sitting there like an idiot

well i would like to take this opportunity
to introduce my gang
Psycho starz

it was created at the beginning of 2009
actually we, i mean seven of us have been very good and close friends
since last year

it was mine and thines's idea to have a name for our gang
at first i wanted to name it EMO
thines agreed with me

but others were not
because they are not eMo like thines and i
then fine
we named something else
again it was thines's idea to name our gang

we are really psycho
do stupid stuffs
and at last a name called
psycho starz was given to our gang
we have gone through many problems this year
some of us even thought of breaking p.sta
anyway we managed to solve it
and now, psychos are living peacefully with tolerance
hope it will last forever.


镁艺 said...

You make me so jealous!!
how about us huh ?

jz kiddin~

kohana matsuki said...

v r besties! of course... haha...

Kurou Dj RoM30 K3nnio said...

Her i leave a comment for you...