Sunday, November 15, 2009


water is the most common commodity in our daily life
but it is also the most unique living substance.
water is the spiritual source and it's even sacred.
the pure liquid is God-made.
it is extraordinary.
it is an ongoing source of peace and inspiration
our life is centered around lakes, oceans, spring and rivers
we have to cross and reach the bay no matter how hard is it.
water is something marvelous and magical
our body cell consists of nucleus, cell membrane and cytoplasm
which plays an vital role in storing water
water makes us feel alive
we are dead without water
water is humble but essential substance that permeates every aspect of our lives
water is an element of inestimable value
water is all around us
the tiny drops of morning dew
the thundering cascade of tropical waterfall
the tears we shed
the summer rain we embrace
if you have respect for religious
then water will be sacred.