Wednesday, November 18, 2009


hey my number of visitors has increased gradually
kinda happy and it's marvelous !

my friends and i talked about parents on the other day
the topic just came across our minds
all of us agreed that we will definitely choose parents
if we had to make a choice between parents and boy friends
but how if the choices given were only parents and husband
i know it's not a suitable question for 15-year-old teenage girls like us to think about
who knows that we gonna face it in the future

as for me
i will leave it to the God
i believe that He will decide for me
parents are always my priority
my number one
there is no replacement for parents
papa thought me maths when i was still learning 12 +27
i am now able to solve 12 x 27 = a + 67
papa bought me nice clothes whenever i need them
papa bought me tonnes of exercise books
i hated it but i knew it was for my own good.

mama wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me
she knows i will faint if i don't eat
she will never miss our breakfast especially during exams week
mama bought me mobile phone when i was just standard 4
she purchased a new one when i got 7 As for my UPSR
mam loves me and i know it very well
even though she doesn't always express her love.

papa mama often look for my future
they are frugal to give me the best education since i was born
i owe them too much
countless and uncountable like stars in the sky

parents or husband?
once you're married husband will obviously be part of your life
i love my parents but i can't leave the dear one
anyhow, i just hope and pray i wouldn't have to make such difficult and uneasy decision
it's extremely hard to have a solution
but i get the conclusion
parents are my life
parents are my everything
i cannot continue my survival without one of them
but i have to.
because it is life's challenge
birth, aging, sickness and death
that's the processes of life.
accept it for what it is.