Sunday, November 1, 2009


no doubt that i do have many friends
and of course, best friends.
or i prefer calling besties
having a trustworthy, loyal and understanding bestie
is always my pleasure
yes i have many besties whom i can count on
there are many.
they will always be there when i need them the most
they are good and even the best.
they see me cry and lend me shoulders
they will be the audience and give me advice
they give me hope and support
they are willing to share my happiness and also my sadness
they cure my broken heart
they lift my feet when i have trouble remembering how to fly.

i love my besties
i appreciate their presence in my life
i just can't live without best friends.

A true friend overlooks your failure and tolerates your success
A good friend is like a star, you don't always see them but you know they are there for you.
A best friend brings out the best in our life time.
A bestie is like diamond, precious and rare.
A bestie is hard to find but lucky to have.

Do tell your best friends that you love them before you lose the chance
i love you my best friends. <3

anyway i feel hurt for my bestie.
i tell u my everything, my problems
yes u did advice me, comfort me.
but do u know that i feel empty and lonely
even though you are just beside me.
i told you what's my feeling.
we tried to solve our problems
but nothing works.
it is still the same.

you are still my bestie
that's for sure.
it's just that i don't know how long it will last.
how long our friendship will last.