Thursday, October 29, 2009

school, babe

yup surprisingly
i did go to school today
i miss psycho starz so much
and also teacher Vasanthi
she has an examination for master degree...?
not sure but all i know is she has exam
so i would like to wish her good luck and all the best

anyway teachers did spot check on the form 3 students
as a prefect. i have to do my job
i am friendly enough and i will smile at the students
so that there will be no offence
i caught one girl for bringing mobile phone

i danced.
i was being forced by
my beloved teacher
pn lamizah
it was so embarrassing mann
i don't know what was i doing in front of people
dancing like shit

it was quite boring after recess
we played uno cards
i had played only two rounds
then i slept
i laid down and leaned against the wall
i slept nicely as i was so sleepy
due to not enough sleep last night
my eyes were still opened
at 3.00 am

wondering whether i should go tomorrow
i want to go but i don't feel like going
school is the place fulled of memory
sweet, sour and bitter
it makes me think of the past